Reviews for "Deadly Space Action #2"

Better than the first! (But I don't feel it.)

I'm not sure why, after so many years, you picked THIS to be your "regular" series that you dish out. You've done some MUCH better stuff that would be better to work on as a recurring series. Perhaps it's because you made it easy to draw, with short and quick to the point jabs of humor?

The thing is, I'm really not feeling it for this series. I must say, that this episode was a lot better than the first episode.

A man of your talent should be doing much, MUCH better things. While you don't seem to be interested in working on any of your older projects... I still think The Stupid Adventures of Mary N' Tony would have been something WAY better to dish out as a weekly series, rather than this.

Also, why not get some decent female or alternate voices for yourself? I know you want to just dish these minisodes out there, and it's insanely appreciated considering you haven't publicly released anything like this in quite some time, but there's no shame in asking other people to just read some lines real quick. I'm not saying you did a bad job, it's just that your voice is extremely recognizable, and you seem to be using the same voice altering software and setup for female characters, that you have been doing since 2004. I can't help but think every female character is Elly from Bonus Stage.

While I usually find your cartoons HILARIOUS, this is the only one that I honestly think needs work with the writing. I know you can do much, MUCH better than this. I do like the jokes about having generic web applications described as complex computer programs, while they end up being things like WordPress and Gmail.

The Captain guy, or whoever, is by far the most unfunny and worst character of the series... Even though he's suppose to be the main... guy... thing. In fact, I'm having trouble figuring out who the main character is... Is it the web designer guy, or is it the unfunny captain?

Normally I wouldn't go into such a deep and long review, especially for one of your animations... because usually I'm just damn happy that you were able to finish something. However, I care about the integrity of your projects, and I love your animations... And I know for a fact you can do WAY better than this. Don't let this review detract you from animating or getting your hopes down.

I'd rather see Mark N' Tony come back as a weekly (biweekly, whatever) series, than "Deadly Space Action."

I thought Complex was pretty funny as well.

It just seems like the candidate you picked for "Award winning weekly toon" aka "Deadly Space Action" was the worst possible choice out of your vast array of brilliant toon ideas.


They help.
Funny, tho.

nice animation

this was good, but i think you really rushed this one.

2 pizzass!!!?

animating was slick almost like teen titans. my only quiffs with it was the voice acting was a little shabby , you could tell it was the same voice for i think 3 characters, also the writing seemed sort of rushed.

classic comparison...

Personal call... bad animation, not much time put into it... funny material. I gave it a 5/5 10/10.
This is the perfect example of the complete opposite. Get a good writer.