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Reviews for "Madness Detonation"


your first madness wasw worse this one could of had more action

not bad, not good

1. too short
2. no walking involved
3. not too much time making from what i can guess
3/5, 4/10

It is not your madness combat

Krinkels is the madness combat Creator not you

Just a lazy fuckin animation ! Move your ass and create a good animation ! Sorry for the vulgarity but I hate this genre of animation >:(


Ignore those reviews, as the most that they got right out of them was the fact that the feet weren't animated. Other than that, this is horrible. It is choppy, short and absolutely NO EFFORT was put into this. The characters were obviously copied and pasted, and I really don't care if this is your first animation. You made the one large mistake; submitting this to the portal. This would count as a test, as there is no actual plot or length. I suggest that you watch examples from actual animators instead of rushing into this. I also suggest that you remove this and wait a while before submitting anything else. Take time to practice, and don't feel that it's a waste. It isn't, instead it's being put to use finding all errors. Try out something you haven't done before, and push yourself even if you get tired. Don't cheap out and be a dumbass. No matter what, you aren't good enough. Keep going along that and sooner or later, you will be able to animate such as he average animator. Possibly, though, you may end up as a fairly known or liked animator. Either way, wait for the perfect time. Don't try to submit shit like this because you are desperate to be known. Instead, how about you take your time, post tests on news posts every now and then, and TAKE TIPS. The people who tell you that your animation is good are completely wrong. It may be good, or it may not. They are wrong in the fact that you need CRITICISM. That is what most people are missing out on.