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Reviews for "Madness Detonation"

love it

but u dont know feet,other than that it was good


Its ok if its your 1st flash ;)

note from the co-maker

the flash was sorta bad after the part when hank got the mac-10 because the Author actually came to my house to help make it, when he left we had gotten that far and he recontinued at home........ the flash would have been much better if it was all done at my house where i would have been able to help

spartan2744 responds:

All you did was give me ideas and how to do some stuff, other than that, I did all the work.

nice I liked it :D


This is way better than that other crap you submitted. Though it should be a little faster. When they shoot at Hank he should move somewhere do something not just hoping to miss him. Also make the shoes move so they don't float. Or just make them sprout wings if it's too hard.

The hammer should have at least hurt him a little. And make him pick weps faster. The animation is a little slow ... maybe really slow. And why the pistol. So much awesome weps and he choose the pistol. If it was a chainsaw I would understand it but pistol. Come on.

Anyway this is much better and hope you make them even better in future.