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Reviews for "LARRY: Pup Run"


Now I want to be a gnome and ride a 3 legged dog

A few pointers

Barely Broken Medal: get to max speed (the bar is flashing red when this happens), then run into a brick wall. simple, eh?
Crushing Victory Medal: break a hurtle, regain speed, and repeat this process 20 times. real easy.
Doug Mount Medal: wait until Doug appears, then run into him. its a rare siting, but truthfully, Doug is a power-up that lets you run at full speed, unable to be slowed, for X amount of time. (i don't know the exact time it lasts for) sorta hard, i guess.
Fresh and Fruity Medal: grab a pineapple when it comes on screen. pineapples are rare, about as rare as Doug, but not quite. not too hard i wouldn't say.
Super Dog Medal: riding pup at full speed for 10 seconds is almost impossible, but its real easy if you hitch a ride on Doug. really hard without Doug.
Closest Shave Ever Medal: jumping over a spinning blade is no harder than jumping a hurtle, its just that you don't see that many spinning blades, and to see and jump over 5 is pretty dang hard.
that's about it for the tips, on to the review.
love this game! simple and addictive, highscores are a great way to keep somebody playing, great work JAZZA and crew!

preety cool

not as cool as larry and the gnomes though


Very addicting! I can't stop thinking that I should stop! Amazing work!