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Reviews for "LARRY: Pup Run"

Oh, my.

Quite a game; The graphics are superb as usual, the sound is nice, and there's enough variety in the objects to keep everything interesting. I thought that riding Pup at full speed would be the most exciting part until I started riding Doug and got an earful of his usual laugh and the music from "Doug-Out".

I saw this on your livestream and thought that I would be playing a repetitive and monotonous game. Thanks for proving me wrong.


Great game, you guys! It's a nice time waster and it made me laugh a lot, too.
Also, for anyone who is saying the medals are broken: They do work, but there is no pop up notice to indicate it. refresh and you should see them in the list below the game window.


Awesome game idea, and i just gotta compliment you on the musical score, was awesome, sounded like something for a FF game. Awesome :P

Fun but repetitive game.

While your game is fun. I will admit that it does get repetitive after awhile. I will say that the game itself is flawless. Everything works as it sound. The beer stands out and the controls are fluid. There is never that feeling of being crushed as there are in some of the other Larry games. I can understand some people with motion sickness get a little dizzy but with a game based around speed it is to be expected.

My only complaint is the one I keep seeing everyone else say. The spinning blades can look like beer if you just glance at them and since you are going very fast that usually all you can do or else risk hitting a brick wall.


tried my best good game, what happens when you get full drunk meter?