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Reviews for "LARRY: Pup Run"

Great Game.

The game is great. But two problems. Why do we keep going in a circle, and I dont get medals somtimes.


i love it!
epic game!


Pretty sweet game

i like this game :D the graphics's pretty sweet, but the game is a bit hard. sometimes you will never know when you will get a 'shave'... also i like riding the drunk bastard doug... even the song it plays.

great game

wicked time killer!
music is perfect, animation is sweet as always.
keep it up with the larry games, you really set the bar for flash gaming.

btw..how the FUCK do people get 3000 on this?!
i'm not nearly as skilled, but i enjoyed this nonetheless.


Its realy cool but i wish it could be more obvious when the spikes come towards you. But overal its an awsome game