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Reviews for "LARRY: Pup Run"

ok nice and good

ar you gonna make a gme wth this one in it

Cool game, bro

Love everything about the Larry series, games and movies. The Pup part of Larry 2 was the funniest part, and now I get to experience the feeling of riding that fucked-up dog through town. Fun game, bud.

a good minigame

Darn u illuminate how dare you have a score I can't beat... Lol well the game must be alright if I play it til 4:25am.but I feel like it might be a bit simple and why is there no all time top list? Personal best: 2435.my eyes hurt now. Planning to release a big game that also includes this?

Jazza responds:

there is an all time top list in the main menu :)


fun game slowly getting the hand of it. just gose so fast lol

good gamr

to get medal barely broken be at full speed and smash that brick wall

thats all