Reviews for "LARRY: Pup Run"

this makes me dizzy

graphics are sweet, music doesn't hurt my interests, and its pretty challenging..

but why are there more lary games than there are lary episodes?


I love this game, can't wait for episode 3!

simple but quite charming game

after couple of eye straining sessions, i am constantly getting better at the game. best score is a humble 400 - 500 something.

it's a simple game so I can't say much more than to say it is a very good game (heh).

but here are couple of thoughts while I was playing:

-the running uninterrupted for 10 seconds has to be the longest 10 seconds I've ever spent

-riding the alcoholic mentally disturbed pup at full speed is fun and all, but i kinda wished assassins would pop up once in a while so that I could get the chance for him to cough up his balls or what not... its a puppy of ...doom.. I honestly wished more than just dodge stuff :P

-and what does the green bucket of paint do? i don't believe you made that very clear...

thanks for the great time with this game. I look forward to more.

may god bless you with ice cold beer and scantily clad ladies

Dear God...

This game is so bloody addictive! I love it!

very cool. I find it quite funny to see Larry riding doug. he helped me get to 505 before a "brick hit" into a wall when it ran out.