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Reviews for "LARRY: Pup Run"


good game not much but good game

Time killer

Nice. Difficulty curve gets steep kinda quick, and the game runs out of tricks before long, but I still keep coming back.

One gripe is that the spinning blades are hard to spot from a distance; they look like small beers. I found myself jumping over a lot of beers because I didn't have time to decide whether or not they were actually spinning death...

hmmmm seems a bit to repetative

it may have been better suited for a side scrolling style game, maybe 3 lanes still and have it start from the castle and the longer you go the farther away you run, maybe castle>village>forest>field>mountai>c ave>field>harbor and hes going fast enough to run across water. this would allow more obstacles or items to pick up like tree stumps gates etc.


interesting game, fitting music, and highly addictive. I didn't like how it curves the road, it confuses you with the tracks ( which track is good and bad, etc.)
Very good game, jazza.


I play this over and over and its still awsome!!