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Reviews for "LARRY: Pup Run"

larry pup run

funny game

U Got to be smart and u got to be quick about it

As far as gamers go, I'M NOT THE GAMER I USED TO BE. I have to say it loud because I'm not in denial. I'm older than I used to be and so my reaction times, my reflexes and recognition speeds are not as top-notch as they used to be. Cognitively, this game uses clever item detail and speed-delivery so that as a player, you better be ready to move or jump if you mis-identified something. When the enormous kegs appeared, i avoided everyone of them because i recognized large objects as hazardous (my fault), and I hit every paint can because up to that point all small object like beer was good. But as I said, i'm not the gamer I used to be.

Game throws some good mental challenge, these perceptual judgments that need to be made under severe time constraints. You really need to be sharp to keep this game going.

Awesome game

This game is addictive...also, I must be a retard because I keep mistaking the blades for more beer...

rofl XD

was concetrating so much on the game when i hit the brick wall lol XD
lol fin game


great game i always get space bar happy 5/5 10/10