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Reviews for "LARRY: Pup Run"

Terrible reviews below for a decent game

its not a game you spend 2 hours on. jesus... repetitive? i mean how can a dodge bad items/get good items racer not be repetitive?you play it jus to see how high of a score you get. these types of game are going to be bare and simple.

if your not into this kind of game dont play it. for that matter... dont write a terrible review because its not your game style/your not good at it.

and it being basic? id rather it be a simple basic 10 minute waster than an epic long game. that way JAZZA can focus his time on more Larry episodes.

All 3 bad reviews below-----> denied!

dumb reviewers in the portal aside... good game! although i did awful lol. got sliced up. tho i did have my pup Fully drunk at one point. crazy

pretty good

this games pretty good but when you die it should say something like "don't drink and drive"

10 stars before i start

i am giving you my rate before i play the game becose of you !!!!!
i played all your games and i have seen the whole larry sagas .....man are going to make another episode or not?????? you are good


graphics are alright, but the concept isn't anything new. the game itself is repetitive and boring so there isn't really anything you can say other than the fact that it was fun for about 5 minutes before it got stale.

go left, go right, hit spacebar.
come on newgrounds, i thought we were passed submissions like that!


a little too basic....i liked the graphics though.