Reviews for "Monday Morning TV"

This game is amazing

It got pretty difficult on level 6, but I fucking loved it. Good job, keep up the good work :D!

This TV is kind a trippy

I enjoyed design of this game.
I can give for it 8/10 cause I liked almot everything, only the character was kind strange for me.
But I liked engine and many features like death X when you die and those colors behind character.
Like I said I would give you 8 , but I want to give you 10, here it goes :)

Fun! Me Likey

Its fun! The music reminds of silver surfer for some reason. I wish the keys are different. Buti guess i can used to it

Great time killer...

I enjoyed it, i liked the graphics... well done man!

Thanks thanks and thanks!

I'm the creator of the seconf song and Im so glad tht soomeone use it in a 8-bit type game, thanks for make me happy

Also, good programming, good graphics, no bug finded and funny protagonsit.

Good game, Tthanks for use my song for this.