Reviews for "Monday Morning TV"

Not bad

Well, it's a decent showing for a game that has a lot of good stuff going for it. I'm not sure of how to get past Level 3, but that might just be me being in a little bit of a rush. Not to worry, I'm sure I'll be able to crack it at some point.

You've done well with a good balance of music and the liner function of the game does remind me a little of things like Super Mario Bros. although I can see why those sort of games would have the edge on appeal.

Some sort of tutorial would have helped, in order to just get people on the way - show us in the game that we can move left and right with A and D, while jumping with W. The ability to squat down and avoid things like the spinning chain would have been nice - there's even a convenient key available in S. I think that I'd still view this game as a work in progress, but it is the sort of thing that is worth looking at, since you seem committed to making the game work. With a decent score like this, getting the issues sorted and a few Medals programmed in would really make this game worthy of awards consideration.

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Thanks thanks and thanks!

I'm the creator of the seconf song and Im so glad tht soomeone use it in a 8-bit type game, thanks for make me happy

Also, good programming, good graphics, no bug finded and funny protagonsit.

Good game, Tthanks for use my song for this.

Great time killer...

I enjoyed it, i liked the graphics... well done man!

Fun! Me Likey

Its fun! The music reminds of silver surfer for some reason. I wish the keys are different. Buti guess i can used to it

This TV is kind a trippy

I enjoyed design of this game.
I can give for it 8/10 cause I liked almot everything, only the character was kind strange for me.
But I liked engine and many features like death X when you die and those colors behind character.
Like I said I would give you 8 , but I want to give you 10, here it goes :)