Reviews for "Bloody Sunset"

Something new...

This is very relative to other games of this type, but I see some new things (or I played games of this kind not enough). 10/10 and 5/5. Thank you! This shit was really interesting... I would really appreciate, if you make a sequel to this and make it longer, cuz on last level I didin't thought it's over. I want more zombie killing!!!

velgajski1 responds:

Thanks for the feedback and nice words!

Really appreciate it!


good game, simply and entertaining. could we hope in a sequel? ;)
ps. i found a glitch: i have the proficiency achievement but i play only on normal difficult.

velgajski1 responds:

Hopefully there will be a sequel, depends on how good this one rates :)

Wonderfully done!

I completed the game and thought it was very well done.
The graphics were great and the sound was well done too. The gun shop and upgrade option was well thought out. What i really liked is that IT ENDED. To many games like this seem to go on forever until you become stupidly invincible and it takes no effort at all. Overall this was a great game and a good play.

Enjoyable Time Waster.

I'll give it a 10, for the simple fact that I'm blowing zombies away. Just need to figure out the right weapon and upgrade it.


He cnt go in a helicopter cuz the zombies will get him!