Reviews for "Bloody Sunset"

Not so bad..

not so bad, only a few points
-sounds are repetitive, i mean, like the coil sounds the same as the mini gun and the other guns
-tho it is kinda lik the last stand, it has a better story, but you lack some "goal" in the game.
-the ragdoll effect is not too good, tho it had some funny effects
-hmm, a golden skull, some zombies on ur roof, and OMGWTFBBQ aliens?!? aliens arent rlly fitting in the story ;)
-it was pretty boring that the waves were so repetive..

Hope it helps!


good game, simply and entertaining. could we hope in a sequel? ;)
ps. i found a glitch: i have the proficiency achievement but i play only on normal difficult.

velgajski1 responds:

Hopefully there will be a sequel, depends on how good this one rates :)

its ok

funny the first waves

I like the sound element

Is a good game,have future.need work more in sound of zombies,i like the sound of the guns..the weapon shop is an ambitious proposal also.And skill mode too.

Something new...

This is very relative to other games of this type, but I see some new things (or I played games of this kind not enough). 10/10 and 5/5. Thank you! This shit was really interesting... I would really appreciate, if you make a sequel to this and make it longer, cuz on last level I didin't thought it's over. I want more zombie killing!!!

velgajski1 responds:

Thanks for the feedback and nice words!

Really appreciate it!