Reviews for "60 Second Life"

this is pretty cool

is that Spuarepusher that i hear? and yes, eeirie description of myself as well. i wonder if psychologists could use this for a personality test :-)

HeRetiK responds:

it's not, but i actually looked for something with a squarepusher / aphex twin feel when searching the audio portal for a fitting soundtrack.

nice concept

still it got kinda repetetive

btw secret medal is dont grab anything at all

holy sweet mother jezz

lol i got this thing *Love played an important part in your life. You would walk 500 miles and you would walk 500 more. Money was always a bit of a problem. But you got by fairly well. You had a handful of close friends and took care of these relationships. You were aware of the importance of your family. Your hobbies were a great way to relieve from your everyday life. You spent solid time on them, but not too much. * cool


It is a great game and a great time consumer. 5 games is like 5 mins. THe hardest part was the combo achievement:(. i still havent got it. But great meaning and still the greatest game i played in a while.

Great little addictive game