Reviews for "60 Second Life"

great game but medals are pretty difficult to get!

Another great example of how new ideas or creative settings won't fare well if executed poorly. Just as books, it takes more than ideas, it also takes the way of showing them. You chose poorly on your design and/or coding in a way that rendered the controls wonky and bogus. For a game with so few content, that's kind of unacceptable.

Art is okay, sound too (simplicity is good, and for a short game, it's quite expected) but the gameplay is terrible at first and, at best, mediocre after getting used to. Had you used your time better to solve the issue (I've seen 72h games with better, complex control schemes than this).

I don't understand what you have against button tapping.

This game has the wonkiest controls I've ever seen for a game with such little going on. Sometimes I go shooting across the screen and other times I don't move at all. Sometimes things fall slow and laggy, other times they fall way too fast. Sometimes I get locked in place for a second or two when my character changes shape from age, other times it doesn't affect me. All of this makes the 14 combos medal almost impossible. It took forever for me, long after I'd gotten everything else. The art is also very lacking and the end obituaries are very similar to each other.

Puts your life in perspective

Interesting concept. It was a little hard for me to play because I wasn't quick enough but that's on me. lol
The idea is a little sad but it's still kind of an interesting thing to see what you get said in the end.