Reviews for "60 Second Life"

Great game my ending note:" was You lived a good 60 Second Life. Sure, you missed out on a few things. Maybe the things you desired were always just out of reach. Maybe you were undecisive. Nothing to grieve about though.
Few people care as much about love like you did. And love had a lot to offer you. Money was always a bit of a problem. But you got by fairly well. Living a life of solitude, you had little to no friends. If by choice or misfortune, we'll never know. Hobbies, shmobbies. You obviously had better things to do in life. Maybe something else enriched your life more than any hobby ever could do."

More profound than meets the eye. Would have liked more outcomes, but I found a lot in this game.

This game seemed simplistic at first, but perhaps theres a deeper meaning (correct me if I'm wrong) this game kind of shows us who we are, the fact two object are falling fast eg, love and money... we are forced to make a snap decision. but it also shows us we can have both sometimes (when the symbols fall close together) I liked that it was fast paced and relatively easy, well done <3 for improvements: Perhaps make it slower, so you could flash the words alittle slower aswell

whatdoido whatdoido!?! (dies) aww i jus t said that and i died.lol good game

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