Reviews for "60 Second Life"

No wasd, especially with holding the button games, really screws over left handed people man. A little control sceme diversity is good for games and I personally recommend it.

One Life...
What shall the purpose be?
Make your own meaning.
Make your own decisions.
It's YOUR life, some people have bad ones, most have good ones.
On a scale on 1-10, my life's a 7.
But in this it's a -1 :P
I enjoyed this but don't you know what you could add to this? The art is a bit sloppy. But at least you put in the main purposes of life.

Very good game, i got the secret medal xD

"you only live once but if you do it right, once is enough" Mae West.

For people when the game doesn't load, Right click and press play, then the game should start