Reviews for "60 Second Life"

Funny and a bit sad thing

But idea deserves 10 out of 10. Keep it up man.


The way the game rolls and ends is genius, I loved the way the game speeds up and slows down as time goes by, and the analysis in the end is brilliant.

Great idea, but needs more development

I think that the idea of this is great, but simply moving back and forth to get little falling items is not too interesting or appealing. However, it has a great emotional effect on people, making them think about their life. I love your ideas, and how your life becomes slower as you age. Also, it is great that as you collect more things, messages appear on the screen, telling you what you need, and relating it to real life, encouraging players to value what they have and look for what they don't.


The controls are really bad, but I like the idea. I really hope you improve the controls in an update, though.


Pretty boring overall with painfully unresponsive controls, bland music, no sound effects and the art is lazily made. It does have some replay value for getting the achievments but after you've gotten them you sure don't want to play it again.