Reviews for "60 Second Life"

Ok, this makes me even sadder than I am in these years. Not funny at all, especially for suicidal lonely people.

Love the concept and simplicity; however, the controls are whacky and the first 8 seconds are literally wasted. There is no WSAD, you have to hold down the arrows for the player to move, even though sometimes the player only needs to move one space, the Money and Hobby aspects are much rarer than Love and Social, which makes getting the 1400 medal scores for them difficult when combined with the awkward controls. The randomness and controls also make getting combos very difficult. Good game overall, but needs tweaking.

You never cared for love, not even one bit. Success played a very important role in your life. You could afford a life of luxus, but had little time for anything else. You had a handful of close friends and took care of these relationships. You were aware of the importance of your family. Hobbies played one of the biggest roles in your life. You were never bored, always had something to do and spent a great deal of time with what you enjoyed the most.

Yea, pretty much what WILL be my life

You cared about love and took your chances. Not always, but often. Money was always a bit of a problem. But you got by fairly well. Living a life of solitude, you had little to no friends. If by choice or misfortune, we'll never know. Hobbies, shmobbies. You obviously had better things to do in life. Maybe something else enriched your life more than any hobby ever could do.


I love the concept :D