Reviews for "60 Second Life"


I love the basic setup of this game I also like the general idea. I do wish that the character would move faster though, he didn't seem to want to collect combos.

not bad

its laggy and music duz not last long but its a good game

Fun and fast paced game

ok so fun game here and for 60 seconds, the {SCREEN} is somewhat small but i guess thats the idea, its still a pretty fun game and i guess thats the idea with the small screen to make it harder and such, so as for making improvments and having a better outcome, you could possibly add another version with more time maybe 120 seconds? just an idea though, anyways great game i had lots of fun with it, and i look forward to more fun stuff like this, also like the {MEDALS} anyways nice work again.

so i suggested some other versions, even a larger screen.

fun and fast paced game with good medal points.


really depressing game :(

i guess right now i'm wasting my time playing flash games instead of making a two combo social-life/ romantic date. Its official, i need a restart button or reload screen on my life :(


Very fun