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Reviews for "Epiletic Dinosaur Pixel"


what the hell

golfinho responds:


love it

the pixels

the music (bunnymajs wooooo)


the porn

You have just created awesomeness. Congratulations.

I saw the dinosaur dressed like "el chavo"

and i honestly could not stop laughing.


A dinosaur fucking himself in his own ass.. Okaaaaaaaaaay..

epilepsy hell

the kind of video you dont want to be playing when someone finds you half dead on your chair drooling in pain on a epilecptic trip.

- doctor, i had this epelipsy you know, from this dinosaur porn video on the i nternet.
- oh right, i watched it twice last night with my nephew. he had epilepsia, and i sold him to my neighbor.
-- i know right, it was a nice deal, i needed foam for my bath. he's a fountain of foam now. thanks doctor.