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Reviews for "Epiletic Dinosaur Pixel"


Moar. Defenitly moar.


make more immediately


i am pleased with the front page trend lately. newgrounds is returning to what it used to be... stuff like this is what made it popular. anyone who disagrees needs to do some research and embrace the old school newgrounds ideals.

golfinho responds:

yes! i agre man! great review!

Usually I like this sort of shit..

But.. I wasn't even semi-erect. Maybe next time..

fair enough

I'm not going to deny anyone the freedom to make whatever they choose, whether it be for fun, comedy or other.
And even though I disliked this, It wasnt for the obvious reasons.

I just didnt like the sped up looping animation style, that's all.
However something that isnt visually appealing, has an unappealing plot or anything like this does not deserve th front page.

I'm terribly sorry,but it's as simple as that.