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Reviews for "Epiletic Dinosaur Pixel"

aq yeah

I want dis.


made me laugh

wait waaat..

My song is so badly abused in this animation D: hahaha


An other one mentally retarded. I guess. Is it what you see in your dream ? That's pretty horrible. When I click on the video, I was thinking : 'Pixel porn ? Must be a joke, let's see that'.
Buut, euuh na. It's just bad.
Not funny, not serious, nothing.
For me, you gained my personnal 2nd class, right after the video that there were a guy who where killing people with his dick.

Boring. Could make an 8y old laugh, though.

So i'm new here, so i don't really get the humor in the fact of giving high rates on that flash.
Or the humor in the flash itself.
All i see is a bad flash, in bad pixels, with boring adult themes.
Art: 2/10, there is some style, can't deny it.
Work: 1/10, Made that in one day, surely didn't have anything better to do, like gather your socks and separate the tidy ones from the used ones.
Interest: 1/10, dino porn is to be classified in the furry maniac's section, in the depts of the internet. Wierd does not mean original.

My only good feeling after seeing this is that the fact of being frontpage is gonna make it go deep into the grades.