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Reviews for "Epiletic Dinosaur Pixel"


that was certainly different


why?.........just why? I mean i guess it was good? You know what, fuck it 10 stars.


A dinosaur fucking himself in his own ass.. Okaaaaaaaaaay..


You lost a star because the dinosaur sticking it's head the the t-rex's anus was jacked up. But it was funny and made me smile, so you get the star back.

I enjoyed it. I've never seen dino porn before, so that was new. I've also never seen pixel porn before, but that's mostly because I tend to shy away from the pixel-y animation. I clicked it because I saw epileptic dinosaur and dismissed the pixel part of the title.

Anyway, cool animation.

golfinho responds:

thank man, pixel is cool bro!


I couldn't really tell what was goin on half of the time, so I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt.