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Reviews for "Epiletic Dinosaur Pixel"


at least all the dinosaurs looked like they were having fun, thats all that matters =)


That's all I can say.
Inculding that and this.

Why is everyone on Newgrounds obsessed with Dicks?

I enjoyed that because I like Pixel Animation and the music was too funny.
However why is everyone on NG, or even on the internet, obsessed with Dicks.
Most of you are straight amirite? ^_^

maybe a listor two would be helpful

things i liked about this movie:
subject matter
just the right amount of pixels
sweet music vid quality makes me want buy a projector and have a dance party
i was confused and thought it was a 2 sec loop but surprised to find it was longer

things i don't like about this movie:
not long enough
not enough porn
too epileptic
no such thing as a slow seizure
drugs make it worse
not suitable for a wider audience
not pixel-y enuff!
no plugs for the song? or download the album, or something?
--or pay$0.99 for the album and DVD/bluray combo with special features???

golfinho responds:

yum... heee


i came like 9 times