Reviews for "Rage Arena (Official)"

This is more like it.

I believe I reviewed the "unofficial" version, but I could not find the link to my review. But basically I was saying, the game is great and really fun. The aiming still felt a little stiff for me, but aside from the that, the touch ups on this version is far more superior to the last one. It is a really fun arena shooter with blood and a plethora of guns and melee weapons, what more could I ask for? The music was OK, I just wished it didn't loop every 10 secs or so. Great job and thank you for putting up the real version. I hope to see more stuff put out by you!

very nice game

this gives a good gladiator feel to it with the option to get up close and personal or at a distance with a gun giving you different types of weapons and armor. very nice!

Cool game, but!!!

Why I can't open invetory when I am playing? I am pressing i but nothing happens :(

R.A.G.E. (Really Addicting Gaming Experience)


EASY the mega boss was hard the annoying things are the sucide bombers