Reviews for "Rage Arena (Official)"

Poor show

I worked on the artwork for this game for a good week or two only for the author to lie about the production and go to another artist who (at the risk of sounding like an asshole) didn't do as well a job on the cover art as me.

Poor show sir!!

would be...

i have a laptop... no mouse... im sure it is good if i can move and aim gun at the same time...

hey pazda

that happens to me but its almost every game i play so idk how to fix it butt great game though so violater games do u know how to fix my issue its the same as pazdas exepct it happens to me with almost every game i play cna u tell me how to fix it

It's good.

Maybe there should be a weapon/armor upgrades? Because after a while, I got a lot of money and nothing to really spend it on.
Other than that, it's pretty addictive and fun overall.


It was a good game, just needs some adjustments, how about a bigger inventory?
I ended the boss wave with a full inventory, since my inventory was full I couldnt get the new rage. There doesn't seem to be a way to get it back either. Considering the description I would have really liked it lol

I like the game though, you should think about alternating the music though next time. Like maybe the boss waves get a different song or something like that, even with a few bugs, good game over all