Reviews for "Rage Arena (Official)"


I just wish it was like an FPS



shadowserenity Is 100% right.

I played it for about an hour and got to lvl to be a lvl 11. The only thing you get as you lvl up is new rage modes. But at lvl 11 you got the best one and since I was in swarm mode with the 2 20% luck items and getting lots of items my inventory was full. And as soon as I got to lvl 11 it said that I got a new range mode ect ect and once I went into my inventory it wasn't there. Why? Because the game didn't recognize that I had no free slots. Kind of stupid to waste an hour and then not get the final rage mode... and the items are pretty much the same. I was expecting 100+ different items but there seems to be no more than 30-40 items at max. It's an o-k game but having been released a little less than a year ago and then have such a major bug (last rage mode dissapearing) means that the authors just threw the game on here and never did anything else to it.


Shadow really managed to talk about everything...there's not much for me to point out at this point..except that this game is extremely prone to lagging, even if it's on low. My character would be doing moves that I told him to do 2 minutes earlier, and by then I had probably given him another hundred commands so I would literally have to just stop moving and constantly click and wait for him to catch up, and if I was somewhere bad well..screw you. Also, the weapons really don't update fast enough, I kept seeing the same weapons I got at the beginning of the game at level 10, and they still had enough damage to kill most enemies. Seriously, before the lagging restarted my page, I was still using a lvl 2 sniper rifle, and it was WORKING.The game's not horrible, but could use some work.

All for naught...

This had the potential to be a great game. Until...

1) Melee weapon or bust - Melee weapons compared to guns are overpowered. The only things you will ever NEED to use a gun for is the King of the Underworld, Suicide Bombers, and Roach Carriers (rarer enemy types). On the flip side, have fun trying to gun down the Roach/Zombie swarms (very common enemy types) with an underpowered gun (the only gun I ran into by level 10 that was worth using was the G5 Melter).

2) A cash/shopping system that is largely irrelevant/easily broken - Step one, put on a Luck charm and Luck idol. Step two, get buried under item drops. Step three, sell off all the item drops (99% useless items...seriously, why am I getting level 2 drops from level 10 enemies?) in the shop. Step four, discover that the shop generally sells either mostly useless items (+1 damage over generic drop item of the same type...woooow) or completely useless items (worse than what I already got from arena drops) and that the shop only switches up its inventory when you level up (so...not often). Once I had 15k and the shop's most expensive stuff was 1k...I gave up on this aspect of the game.

3) LEVEL UP...? - You level up. Yay! Good for you! What does this mean? Stat points to upgrade your character? Unlocking, well, ANYTHING? No, you might see a few new, likely not worth your time, items in the shop. That's it. So...why even try?

4) After #1-3, the fact that its just a clone. top-down time waster is unforgivable. Is it bad compared to other games on Newgrounds? No, it's better. But that doesn't mean it's good. Rebuild 2 (what I just played)...now that is a good time-waster.