Reviews for "Rage Arena (Official)"

good but...

there are a few glitches like if im playing i will pause out of nowhere or i will move in one direction and i wont be able to move back. there should be multiple pages in the armory so you dont lose armor or helmets in there that you save up for.


I like this game a lot. i love that it can be saved, i loved the items and monsters, i love how simple it can be played and i love that the inventory is so big.
What I hate is that there are only 5 slots for weapons. That's probably it.

fricken sweet but........

theres only one problem, after a while the weapons start to change by themselves which makes it very hard to survive
fix that please

rage arena

running will get you somewhere but while shooting helps you more


the game is good but after playing for like 15 mins. i started getting huge lagg spikes