Reviews for "Rage Arena (Official)"


I love your series. TOTALLY AWESOME GAME SERIES!!!!!!!!!! it had to happen. A ARENA VERSION OF RAGE!!!!!!!!!! its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I personally LOVE this game

-Bunch of weapons and power ups
-Loads of killing and boss/challenges
-You can press space barto dash you out of trouble LOVE THAT
-Mobility is pretty good

You did a great job man!! I Will be playing this for a while :D

Well I liked it.

I liked it, but got really tired of seeing the same enemies over and over again, even in the higher waves roaches and skeletons spawn more often, that and there isn't much choice for anything that isn't a weapon. There's never any differing styles for equipment, just better in armor, which the top tier is reached really quickly.

Such an awesome game

Rage Arena is a very unique homage to Smash T.V. but adds to it with RPG and Micromanagement elements

This is more like it.

I believe I reviewed the "unofficial" version, but I could not find the link to my review. But basically I was saying, the game is great and really fun. The aiming still felt a little stiff for me, but aside from the that, the touch ups on this version is far more superior to the last one. It is a really fun arena shooter with blood and a plethora of guns and melee weapons, what more could I ask for? The music was OK, I just wished it didn't loop every 10 secs or so. Great job and thank you for putting up the real version. I hope to see more stuff put out by you!