Reviews for "Rage Arena (Official)"

I found it pretty good for a while...

This game was really, fun! I played the original blammed version for hours, and played this one too for a few hours. But one thing in both versions that disappointed me both times were the items in general. The items is the shop for some reason stopped changing completely after about level 10 in this version and level 15 in the previous version. Also, after level 3/4 I stopped seeing armor in the shop all together, just helms and weapons. As well, I never once found a "special" item even with both the +luck amulet and idol, and stopped finding any new rare items after level 8ish. So either there is some sort of bug here, or I am just damn unlucky.

So other than that huge disappointment, the flow of the game was very good, and the general diversity of weapons was decent. I just hope you update this game to improe with item finding and the shop. I will delay my #/5 vote for a while and if a see that this problem is fixed, you'll be getting a 5 :D

violatorgames responds:

The problems you mentioned are due to me speeding up level progression so players could see more of the game and more weapons at a faster pace. Originally the level cap was going to be 10 hence no items being over level 10, but I uncapped it so you could keep leveling up :) Also "Special" was misnamed, it was supposed to be and now is "Sponsor". The best items in the game are Rare.

Anyway I'm really glad you had a lot of fun, I'll work on the problems you mentioned and maybe slow down the speed at which players can level up/get items.


I thought it was really repetetive and boring after a while, the shop is virtually useless and you keep on stocking up your money for no reason at all. Make the shop more usefull please :P.

pretty good

After a while it starts to lose its edge from repetition / lack of difficulty. Inventory makes this game really good though.


I love it

I have 37 medals


Great game! Plenty of items and a lot of fun to play although it did feel a little repetitive after a while. Personally, I would've liked to see an upgrade system worked in somewhere; maybe something for the rage abilities?

Also had an issue with the Badges page. On the first profile I made, a completely empty inventory screen would pop up whenever I clicked "Badges". I tried making another profile and didn't have the problem though, so I suppose it could just be a random glitch.

And, lastly, whenever I was using a gun like a rifle or something, I couldn't help noting that the bullets didn't line up with the gun. It looked like they came out from my fighter's body at a very slight but noticeably different angle from the gun.

The thing with the gun was my biggest issue since I felt it detracted from the overall quality of the game. Other than those things I mentioned though, I had a lot of fun! Excellent job!

violatorgames responds:

The badges/bestiary/leaderboard dont work during mid-battle breaks right now. It's a known bug I'm working on :) About the bullets not lining up I'll try and get that sorted out in the next update too.