Reviews for "Rage Arena (Official)"

Real fun, but it's got a significant glitch

If a wave ends and you are holding a certain direction, as soon as the next wave starts that becomes your default, so you are constantly going--say--to the left, and if you hold to the right you stop, but you can't ever travel to the right.

violatorgames responds:

That's a strange keyboard issue. Should be fixed if you press the sticky key again (like if you're stuck going left press A)

needs more

its a great game, but it needs more beast


lots of options but what good is it when it all looks terrible ( graphics are really bad ). Gameplay is nothing new, so you basically have a pretty standard game with lots of terrible looking options.

it suck after a few hours

first thing its never ending wich made it boring

violatorgames responds:

Sorry but that was the point! To see how long you can last in battle against other competitors :)


Literally, there's roaches running around everywhere! Lol.
This was actually a pretty fun game, unfortunately I only got to wave 16 of the swarm. When the round started, my guy wasn't there. I could still move the screen and the enemies still spawned, but I wasn't really there and they couldn't do any damage to me. I couldn't even get to the menu after that happened. I accidentally right-clicked in the inventory menu before that round and my mouse disappeared for a while, so perhaps that had something to do with it. The badges and beasts tabs were pretty cool, but both of those stopped working about half-way through and it just displayed a blank version of the inventory page.

These were just minor errors in this game though, so I'm still gonna rate this a ten for how long i had fun playing it. Decent graphics and AI (as in not all of the enemies simply bee-lined toward your character), and quite a few options as far as weapons go. Perhaps not the widest selection of guns, but each gun brought something new to the table. Good luck with your games in the future!