Reviews for "Vertigo: Gravity Llama"

Brilliant game!

A challenging, creative piece of work. A year and a bit well spent! From what I've played, it seems flawless bug-wise, and the art is perfect. Great choice of music too! Wouldn't suprise me if I spend the rest of the night/next few months playing this!


lol i like its fun! And my little cuzzo like the music.


This game reminds me for the old Jazz Jackrabbit 2 :D


Jindo responds:

One of my biggest inspirations :)

Great but..

I can't get it to run, there must be a menu bug since I can no longer click on any of the menu tabs.
Will there be a sequel?

Jindo responds:

Not really a fan of sequels, I've got a couple of other ideas I'm currently experimenting with!


Hi, someone can give me "spoiler" about world 1 trophi ?
I realy bored trying to finde ><