Reviews for "Vertigo: Gravity Llama"

JK says So n So

a none original idea using a comical avatar to great a few laughs, however it was short lived, now if the customized character gain some extra ability depending on what customizable head was placed then maybe this could have been more comical whilst also giving players more of a reason for wanting to unlock them.

The gameplay has been used in many other games and this reminded me quite alot of shift, just simpler and less effort taking. now if the level was more puzzle based where you really have to use your head to navigate rather than enemy killing and dodging based, again i would have enjoyed it more.

However, over all this game was well built, is firm and doesn't have any major flaws, simply get through the level and reach the gold star, basic BUT basic works, the game is somewhat enjoyable for the first couple of minutes but get very repetitive relatively easy and didn't keep my attention for long. but the graphics did intrigue me and i love how they are all hand drawn levels are coloured and i'm sure advance mode would have been fun if i had spent the time to complete the game, maybe adding that as a start option would have been better because i cant see everyone playing this til the end.

controls are great however the llama indeed does slide a little too much but no game is perfect so 5/10 from Jamie Kitsune

keep up the good work =D its still a really well built game and is not laggy or anything so you should be proud

Jindo responds:

I waited a whole week for a third person review D:

It was alright

Change gravity and get the items, it's like a dumbed down version of shift, and many other games that use the same type of thing. The story kinda sucks too, your in the land of llama's a meteor comes and changes all the llama's to gold except for you..... NOW COLLECT THE GOLD COINS AND RETURN HOME WHILE CRUSHING EVIL SQUARES!

That's pretty lame, I would of enjoyed it alot better, if I were freeing my llama friends. Maybe that happens later in the game, but after I played some levels, I just got too bored, I didn't care anymore. The music doesn't add any mood, and this style has been done too many times.

I really liked it.

But I think the level difficulty gets a bit too hard, too fast
or i'm just not that good in this genre of games.
nice graphics and the storyline is original

llama powas

saw the word llama in the description and didnt need to read another word llamas are the best! great game and the controls are a little messed up tho

Controls feel a little bit slippy.

I feel like my Llama is sliding on ice even when he isn't. Maybe just make the llama accelerate a little slower but keep his max speed the same. Other than that it's a very good game.