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Reviews for "Vertigo: Gravity Llama"

very buggy

the games controls are way too over sensitive and the gravity changing is frustrating especially during jumping

Fun, but buggy :(

In the first world, the lazer would work automatically. That wasn't a big deal, but in world 4 I couldn't get the power-up to work at all. I couldn't use the ice breathe which prevented me from progressing in the game. I couldn't continue on, which made you sad. ; ( I was having fun.

Jindo responds:

I don't think others have had this problem, it sounds like the game thinks you've held down the power-up key, usually pressing it again fixes this.

Sorry this had to happen to you :C



Wow man, I felt like I was playing a real game. I mean, you've worked really hard on this game - I can see that! It's got 8 Worlds + 2 Bonus Worlds (just like Super Mario games), it has got 10 levels on each world, it has got rewards, it has got medals, it has got alot of difficult-to-earn achievements (enough to keep someone busy for hours), it has got awesome kickass music, it has got powerups, and so much more that makes it resemble like a real game ^^

I really enjoyed playing this game, but the controls were a little off and the game was too hard, but the powerups and the level design for each world made me want to beat the whole game to test out all of the cool stuff :)

I just beat all the 8 worlds after 1+ hour and found out that there were 2 more worlds. It is just too bad that you have to play the game over again to complete taskes to earn Trophies to unlock those worlds, but that's okay (you could make it like New Super Mario Bros Wii, that you have to collect 3 Star Coins or something similar on every single level on all the main worlds to unlock the secret ones)!


Nice and simple story for this game. Starts with simple levels with nice graphics :)

Very-well designed levels with good enough graphics to see what's going on. 10 Worlds, where each world have got an unique season -- that's so cool! Nice animation and effects, and excellent unique powerups for each of the main 8 worlds -- gotta love those :D

Outstanding choice of music which fits perfectly with the gameplay ^^

Clever level designs. Some requires skills, while others, perfect timing. Some might even have enough luck to pass a level without following what you're supposed to do. The controls can be abit hard, and you might even fall off a platform at the edge of it, even if you're standing on it! Some levels can be really difficult, but overall, nice level maps ;)

The Newgrounds Medals are very well picked. The first 3 medals can simply be earned by beating the game. However, the last one is quite hard to aquire because some levels are intensely hard to beat, and you'd be a master not to lose 30-50 lives on those ones. And I don't know if people would want to beat the whole game again for the last medal, after spending an hour or more beating it! But as I mentioned before -- good choice of medals.

After beating the game, you can earn Trophies by completing random tasks to unlock World 9 and 10 -- that's a great way to keep the player even more busy, but as I pointed out before, you could've thought of a better way to unlock Worlds 9 and 10, so that a random player could enjoy the game even more right after beating it, if he/she didn't want to spend more time re-beating it. I don't know what the reward for getting all the 8 Golden Llama Achievements is, but if it something special, then I don't think anyone at all can get it. It's just IMPOSSIBLE to beat all the worlds without diying, that's totally mindblowing O_O

If you really want to play the game, which you most likely will after learning the fact that there are super cool powerups in each world, you'll spend approximitely 1 Hour to beat the game, unless you've got poor skills -- I don't think you would ever beat the game. If you are really into the game and want to collect all the coins in each world, you'd probably spend less than 2 hours beating the game. Once the game is beaten, Trophies will be unlocked to be unlocked by executing difficult stuff to unlock 2 more worlds (20 more levels with different level design/theme), Advanced Mode (Hard Mode) will be available, and 8 Golden Llama Achievements will also be unlocked to be achieved by not losing a single life in each world - and if you literally would want to earn all of those, you'd spend a whole day playing this game!

A game very well made, solely, with lots of great features. This person really wants to make a real game, and he already has enough skills to make a real Flash-game

Jindo responds:

Amazing review, thanks a lot!

The golden llama heads were something I added last minute for bragging rights, I have no idea if anyone is insane enough to beat the game to that extent but I thought I'd add them in case people could and wanted recognition for it ;P

Bug report

On the main menu, if you attempt to click the blanked out trophies selection, none of the buttons work anymore.
I don't know if a bunch of people try this, but I figured "what the hey" and I had to refresh.

Jindo responds:

Strange, I'll get that fixed ASAP!

Great but..

I can't get it to run, there must be a menu bug since I can no longer click on any of the menu tabs.
Will there be a sequel?

Jindo responds:

Not really a fan of sequels, I've got a couple of other ideas I'm currently experimenting with!