Reviews for "Vertigo: Gravity Llama"

Very addicting and very challenging

This game can be very aggrivating at times, but once you get the puzzles down it gets a bit easier. It would have been nice if there was a checkpoint in some of the stages though.


It was great until...

Level 4-9, No matter how many times I tried it I could not bridge that gap on the bottom left of the screen, thus I never got past it and I never got to finish the game. Otherwise it was an interesting and cool idea... but I never got to see the rest of it.


gameplay is fun, level designs are great. It has heaps of levels, so can entertain for a while. The graphics look good and the music is awesome.
The collision detection can be a bit off, and some levels can be frustrating.
As for the medals, they give you something to accomplish, but i don't think many people would replay the game for the last one :P
good game overall, alot of work put into it.

Game, Music

So game i really diden't like at all. but what keep's me playing was music, game inro song so Yeee awesome and secound lvl song (Y)
so i give you 10 for good music

thank you :D

we're playing this in the hotel while waiting for our plane back from peru, and i can confirm that the llama is a very good drawing :P it's certainly keeping us going lol pretty tricky but enjoyable. thank you :D