Reviews for "Vertigo: Gravity Llama"


not the best but not the worst


this game is nice...


it was a good game
1)controls need to be greatly improved
2)the gravity switch needs to be improved

i agree with big jonny

all of his points i had trouble with to. plus the gravity when you switch, espiacaly mid jump, the gravity pulled straight down without any fling so tha often endrd up me going straight into a wall of spikes. but, i do think these can be fixed so please get these problems sorted out.

Was not as enjoyable as I'd hoped

First off, this reminds me a lot of Gravity Duck, which was submitted in September. It had the exact same concept, but I liked it much better than this, and this is why.
1) The controls are terribly slippery
I'm not just talking about on the ice level, I mean always. You try to adjust your jump in mid-air and 90% of the time it overextends your movement. The ice level makes this worse. I land on an object and just immediately slide off, even without me applying any directional movement. Also, a lot of the jumps need to be spot on, or else you either fall short or hit an obstacle at the peak of the jump.
2) The hit detection is off
Now it's not horribly off, but there were times when I clearly had room away from an enemy and they kill me, but other times I land right on an enemy and they don't die. This is frustrating as hell.
3) Death objects from background objects
A lot of the objects that can kill you look so damn close to the background it's hard to tell what's what. I ran into an object 3 times before realizing that "oh wait, it's not a glitch, there's actually something there". Next time, make it more obvious that it's not part of the background.
This game definitely needs some work, but I think it can be fixed up. It definitely has some potential.