Reviews for "Vertigo: Gravity Llama"

pretty good

some things could be better (like the controls) but otherwise its great


Art is fantastic, gameplay is solid, music is pleasant (a bug-bear for many other platformers out there) There are a ton of games based on gravity flips, but yours is definitely out there amongst the best of them.

I would have liked a tad more friction though...


It got front page, nice =]
This game rocks =P

Severely underrated :(

Although I will admit like a few others- the controls kinda sucked, it wasn't so much the movement as the acceleration and the edge landing (how it would push you off to the side of the platform)

Putting that aside, the graphics were phenomenal! The amount of gameplay was great! The replay value was high! The time I spent playing this instead of doing actual work was severely one-sided. I enjoyed the cute factor, the puzzle factor and the reaction-time-ing-ness. You could really feel the amount of work that was put into the game, and I'm still only on World 5. Great stuff, your work has progressed a hella lot since the last stuff I've seen you make. And I'm also kind of a sucker for silliness in games :3

9/10 cause of the controls, but +1 cause it really pushed the bounds of how lengthy yet enjoyable a Flash game can be. I also enjoyed the constant change in powerup on the different stages (especially double flip and icy breath)

Great going :D

Jindo responds:

I'll see if I can adjust the acceleration, thanks a lot for your feedback!


i liked it.
(i was the first voter on it!)