Reviews for "Vertigo: Gravity Llama"


I wanted to copy this game to a friend of mine and for some reason when i pressed Controll C my Llama just started to shoot like fucking crazy and it didnt stop. I didnt mind the bug however it was quite helpfull cause i could focus more on the actual jumping in the game. Anyway just letting you know that the bug might be in there. Other wise great game btw! Highly addicting


It was awesome, cute, fun. but the only thing i see wrong with it? No saving options, and really difficult for me. Even so, awesome job, loved the graphics, the cute little llama, and the power ups. :3 Awesome job!

Pretty good.

I'm glad someone finally made a game which allows you to flip gravity AND jump. Thanks for that.

Ok, so there are some minors that really bother me about this game, and those are the bad hitbox and keyboard registration. Sometimes I get hit by an obstacle while not even being near it, and the llama only reponds to my keyboard half the time. You really should improve on that.
However, the game was nice, entertaining and, above all, really challenging. I made it through the game with 535 deaths, and got that under 400 after beating 1-4 again. Thanks for the medals, btw, they're pretty shiny. :)

Jindo responds:

Thanks for your feedback!

The controls are something I do hope to fix at some point. If not then it's definitely something I will perfect in my next project before going any further :P


I enjoyed playing this game a lot simply because it was so cute. I could have sworn it was made by The-Super-Flash-Bros, because it looks just like something that would feature James the Zebra. The music is pretty fun and quite stylistic. While it was hard to understand the controls, I still have to congradulate you on being able to jump without using the gravity. You have no idea how easier that made some of the levels. I liked the enemies, especially how they disappeared as you jumped on their heads.

it is good but...

the medals seem to not be working...

Jindo responds:

That's odd, I tested them all prior to this update and they worked fine :o

If you already beat worlds you will have to beat them again to get the medals.