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Reviews for "Vertigo: Gravity Llama"

i find it hard

its kinda hard but i suck at platformers so....yeah,anyway despite thats hard i find a good game i like the gravety switching 2 they are my fav platformer :)


good game but anyone who thinks this game is difficult is stuipid, this game is around average for today, hard is meat boy and super meat boy, everyone now adays sucks at games, excpeccially platformers


Yeah, I'm having this same problem with the customizer.
A shame, I wanted to use the toph hat to be professor lama :(

Jindo responds:

I see what you and the previous commenter were referring to now, I'll see if I can get this fixed!

Really fun game, but...

...the "Customizer" won't let me use any costume except "The Tankman" and "Nothing!". Could you fix it?

Jindo responds:

I've uploaded a fix, just a case of waiting for approval now, thanks for pointing that out!

fixer upper

is it possible to jump higher than your usual way to jump high?