Reviews for "Armed with Wings 3"


I really enjoyed playing this game and i could talk about the glitches -like everyone, i think the author got it!- but what i considered very annoying too was the fact that, if you would die during a stage where there was a conversation you'd have to have the entire conversation, i don't know if there's any possibility to cancel that in flash cause im not that good with it but i thought it was pretty annoying, luckily it didn't happen to me often so i'm still rating it 10/10 ;D

ok so i really love your series.....

amd was SO happy to see a part 3. but PLEAASSEEE do something about the bugs!!! and the stickys!! really took the enjoyment out of the game. i just stopped playing it. looking foward to some fixes.


But HARD!!!!
and fulll with BUGS!!!!!

Fun game, but...

It seems like the boosters work. I've tried the aerial attacks and the health regen, but they haven't done anything. Is this just a game error, or am I missing something?

Amazing but...

Freaking checkpoints....
I remember at level 4 the 3rd stage with all the switches and bars, it took me FOREVER to get through the first half of the stage and then I died. Where did it take me? To the beginning -_- And then what happened? The stage was glitchin' up!!! So I restarted, and when I opened the save file, it brought me back to Lorde -_- Not saying it's a bad game. Just a pretty big flaw.

On the up side:
The visuals are awesome. I never knew you can make things look so good with just monochrome. Plus, the RPG elements are superior as well. Definitely the best in the AWW series.