Reviews for "Sonic Shadow Duel"


stop complaining for gods sake, it was a good flash enjoy it, and tbh shutup about your unoriginal crap, everyone likes sonic vs shadow fights, I didn't really think there was too much slowmo but I did think some of the moves were repetetive, i really enjoyed this flash so 5/5 and 10/10


Awesome flash!, This is going in my favorites! ;D

Love IT!

Dude you should make more like Shadow Vs Silver :)


lol, you got it right when you said people like mindless violence, lol!~ XD i've always been a fan of the DBZ fighting style, no matter who's in the brawl. plus the slo-mos, 3d scenes, and close ups are a nice touch. keep it up bro!

holy shi-! Thats F**kin awesome!

This is the best Sonic based thing ive seen on newgrounds! (and theres Final Fantasy Sonic X6 on NG by BlackDevilX) Pure awesomness!