Reviews for "Sonic Shadow Duel"

Seen better things

I have seen better things on newgrounds but it looks like you put to much slo-mo's in this video to really make it enjoyable. I personally loved the effects on the attacks, though then sonic went running in front veiw I noticed a gap between the pillars and the ground floor. didn't really make it realistic but still a really good job on the video. I may not be a animator but I know good animation when I see it and this is pretty good from what I've seen lately.


this was hella good, but the slow-mo's were a lil time consuming!


This was the best video i've seen by far on newgrounds.Some sound issues but still it's EPIC!

holy shi-! Thats F**kin awesome!

This is the best Sonic based thing ive seen on newgrounds! (and theres Final Fantasy Sonic X6 on NG by BlackDevilX) Pure awesomness!

i like!

go to the third with some nice effects!
thanks man