Reviews for "Sonic Shadow Duel"


thas good, but you gotta shorten your slo mo sequences hen again, maybe my computer is just really slow


Pretty fancy Special effects too, sonic seemed to be beated up more at the start then shadow.

kidna messed

well i think it was a bit odd, shadow obviously used a lot of skills he could only when he had some chaos emeralds. Well i thought sonics charging spin was something equivalent to it so he could compare, but at the end of the movie shadow did the same.

this makes me think that you overpowered shadow way too much since you made him capable of doing everything sonic has done and even more.

This again means for me: eitherway sonic comes up with something lame, is uberlucky or just simply a bad end for the next(few?) video(s).

its not like i hate on the movie, it was great but im just disappointed from all the shadow overpowering

macjsus responds:

Actually SHadow can do all of that without Chaos emeralds in Sonic and The Black Knight.

well pretty good

a list of thing that is 9
1:you make sonic look like hes teleporting
2:it is kinda slow

Room for improvement

Overall it was,as everyone is saying, slow to get started and there were a bit too many slow-mo sequences in there, but maybe if you sped it up just a bit and get alittle more creative with the action,we might just have another Alvin-Earthworm. 9/10