Reviews for "Sonic Shadow Duel"


Unlike some of the other comments I like the pauses and when it goes into slow-mo. My favourite scene is when it goes into 3rd person when Shadow is blasting away at Sonic and he is dodging them.Overall nice background detail and excellent movie ;)

Nice animation

The detail on the background was great and the fighting was well choreographed, but there was too much pausing in the fight. Still a great fight though.


Nice battle! The music was awesome, too!

What i am expecting..........

Nice animation and it be pretty cool if you add super sonic and super shadow in the next one

couldnt finish watching it

sry, but this is too bad for a sprite animation. there are way too many pauses, you overused slow-mo, and there were too many repetitions.
there were actually more pauses then fights.

nevertheless, good use of effects and sprites.

my critique may be hard, but thats because i usually give critique to the best sprite animators on the internet.