Reviews for "Sonic Shadow Duel"


is it me or the music stop before the battle end?


meh it aint nothing i aint already seen before. just like every other sprite battle out there....however just based off of pure animation skill which is what this review is for its still good and for that u get thumbs up :P. i know its hard at this point with so much huge competition but my only suggestion is take some time out and come up with up with a few fight scenes that only uve done to have your flash stand out if your tryin to turn this into something big. thats it


I quite liked it. The only thing I wasn't particularly fond of was the choice in music for the battel...


This is cool man. it is kind of too much slow-mo though but very good.


the battle was like amazing!
you were able to entertain me every second i watched this. that says a lot.

the only thing i missed was a story.
shadow attacked sonic without any reason.
try to put in next ones more somekind of a story
but the battle was epic, nice piece of work!