Reviews for "Sonic Shadow Duel"

not bad :D

Yeah, you right, too much slo-mos @_@.
But, anyway, great job. I like it.

A little different,

A lot of slow motion, although less than half of those scenes looked okay. I couldn't stop thinking of the words "DBZ" and "Movie" while watching this through xD Some actions are wrong when fighting, but hey, it's hard, or maybe I just didn't see it right. Seems pretty generic, but great job, and keep up the work.

one-sided fight

Sonic spends the whole fight practically doing Capoiera while Shadow is launching energy balls left and right.Speaking of those balls wtf? Why doesn't anyone use chaos spear? I liked the transition from the city to angel island but the lack of objects was unsettling. No cars, monkeys on trees throwing coconuts, or hell even robonik. Lastly I'm just tired of shadow vs Sonic. he has already been declared neutral. There is silver, metal sonic, reverse sonic, sonic's dad in robot form, or even Ash (the one who stole Mina mongoose away).

macjsus responds:

Actually in Sonic and the black Knight that is Chaos Spear, Shadow does attack just like Vegeta in that game, red beams and blast.


stop complaining for gods sake, it was a good flash enjoy it, and tbh shutup about your unoriginal crap, everyone likes sonic vs shadow fights, I didn't really think there was too much slowmo but I did think some of the moves were repetetive, i really enjoyed this flash so 5/5 and 10/10



the crappy background music compresion
the STEP sound we have heard so many times, and the ammount of times you used it, even at times when it didnt sound natural....
and the animation... really fast paced, stretching sprites, typical. SO OVERDONE
so............. well.... (no offense) bad.
This is more less what a sprite cartoon would look back in 2006.

My suggestions: quit sprites.

seriously quit sprites and get a tablet.

Trust me, you DO NOT want this kind of attention.
You can take a piece of advice from a guy who did these kind of movies 3 years ago or so. You will most probably look back at these kind of movies and ask yourself WHY OH WHY DID I MAKE THIS.

really until then theres not much I else I can say except you more less know how to use the tools in flash. now GET to do something better. dont get stuck on this rather primitive way of making flash cartoons.

good luck