Reviews for "Sonic Shadow Duel"

Hahaz GJ dude!

Havent seen a good sprite animation since SMBZ
and for that we thank you!

3 D !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITS IN 3D !!!!!!!!! AWSOME and i thorght i was good oh and PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS PLEASSSS TRY AND TURN IT INTO A GAME. :)

Other than that...

Some of the action sequences really were a bit repetitive, but other than that I'd say you did a great job.

Not bad

I enjoyed watching it,but it wasn't THAT good. I mean, it was good, but it wasn't ace. But anyway good choice of music,but anyway,I enjoyed the fight.
Good animation,but I think you should improve a little bit.But if you want to improve,the guy below my reveiw gave you pretty good advice.
Anyway good job. Enough to earn you 8 stars.I'm not gonna be harsh.

try hard more =.=

the animation like Dragon ball =.=